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'Sailing by' has been updated with new stories and layout. It carries updates from OGA fleets cruising in France and Scotland along with associated 'tales of sail' including archive video, photos and related nautical writings.

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Solent OGA member, Paul Baker, sailed his newly-purchased gaffer 'Zeb' from Canada to the UK in summer, 2015. Mid-Atlantic, he made a remarkable rendezvous, with friends rowing in the opposite direction . . .

Many OGA members keep blogs and other online records of their restoration projects, racing and cruising activites. We list them here for others to share. If you have a blog or online tale to share, contact the Editor.

New look to our East Coast OGA Big Week! As always it's a family friendly week of cruising and racing in local rivers but a different style of programme has been agreed so read on for more information...

Next year we celebrate the Plymouth Classics 30th anniversary and in 2016, South West Gaffers would be very pleased to welcome intrepid Gaffers from other Areas to the Rally, 29 July - 1 August, as you explore our fine coastline. Why not think about calling in on passage back from Brest and Douarnenez? There's berthing available in Sutton Marina, our hosts for the past ten years.

OGA skippers and crews made passage from around the UK and Netherlands to meet with the French OGA along the coast of Brittany for the Festivals at Brest and Douarnenez, 2016.

Sea-Change Sailing Trust announces the arrival of 'Blue Mermaid', the first full-size Thames Sailing Barge to be built since 1930, at Maldon, Essex.

Bristol Channel OGA held an evening race in Cardiff Bay.

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    Editor's update: 24 July 2016

    There's news of the OGA fleet who have been enjoying the Brest and Douarnenez Festivals on 'Sailing by'. Members should have received the Summer issue of Gaffers Log last week, do let us have more stories for the next issue. Meanwhile, send in your reports for the website News section and Events listings. Have you taken a look at the OGA online Boat Register recently? There's also three new Members' discounts and updates to our Members' blogs listings to look at. The OGA is keen to welcome new members, so why not think about joining us?

    OGA Editor
    OGA Membership Secretary