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Now the summer season is in full swing, remember to think about the OGA Photo competition and nominations for OGA Awards. Read on for details of how to submit photos and nominations.

'Sailing by' has been updated with new stories and layout. It carries updates from OGA fleets cruising in France and Scotland along with associated 'tales of sail' including archive video, photos and related nautical writings.

Many OGA members keep blogs and other online records of their restoration projects, racing and cruising activites. We list them here for others to share. If you have a blog or online tale to share, contact the Editor.

New look to our East Coast OGA Big Week! As always it's a family friendly week of cruising and racing in local rivers but a different style of programme has been agreed so read on for more information...

The OGA has negotiated discounts for members with several organisations, providing additional benefits to your membership. Read on for more details . . .

The OGA Trailer Section will hold a small boat rally at Glenridding Sailing Centre, Ullswater, 17 - 18 September, 2016. Join in and be part of Bart's Bash, in memory of Andrew Simpson.

OGA Members are invited to this event at Arthur Beale Yacht Chandler, Shaftesbury Avenue, London on 15 September, 2016.

Most OGA boats joining the Brest & Douarnenez Festivals have now returned to home ports. This weekend sees a second OGA fleet muster in Peel, Isle of Man before the Celtic Cruise makes passage north on Monday 8 August.

With barely a puff of wind, the OGA East Coast Race took place on Saturday 30 July, 2016 at Brightlingsea on the River Colne. Read on for the full results, photos and brief report.

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    Editor's update: 3 August 2016

    There's news of the OGA fleet enjoying the Brest and Douarnenez Festivals on 'Sailing by' as well as new tales from Ireland and Scotland as the Celtic Cruise prepares to depart on 8 August. Do send in your reports for the website News section and Events listings to keep the site up-to-date, and remember to think about the OGA Photo Competition. There's updates to our Members' blogs listings to look at and, if you like what we do, the OGA is keen to welcome new members, so why not think about joining us?

    OGA Editor
    OGA Membership Secretary