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Young Gaffers in Dublin Bay

We hear from Tim Magennis, Dublin Bay OGA President, about the success of the inaugural Youth Training Programme for a group of ten students from Mayfield Community School, Cork. The brainchild of OGA President, Sean Walsh, and implemented by members of DBOGA, there is coverage of this event in the September Gaffers Log, but we bring a short overview here.

The OGA Photography Competition is open to all members of the OGA. Mike Garlick, competition organiser, announces the rules and explains the categories, including a new one for 2014. All entries must be submitted online via the OGA website, read on for more details and link to the submission forms.

In 2014, 'Sailing by' will be gathering more historic 'tales of sail' with a particular focus on the Netherlands as the Dutch OGA celebrate their 10th anniversary. 30 English boats joined the Dutch and Belgian fleet for the Netherlands OGA 'Cross Country Tour' 2014. Browse the stories from the Tour, with historic references, on 'Sailing by'.

As the sailing season comes to a close, bear in mind that there are nine Association awards for presentation during 2014. Eight of the nine OGA awards and trophies were awarded at the AGM in January 2014. Read a summary of last year's winners and think about who should take the trophies in 2014. Send your nominations for 2014 to the Secretary, Sue Lewis.

Dutch OGA10 fleet on passage from Edam to Hoorn

The exodus of OGA boats from UK waters included 13 from the Solent, 17 from the East Coast, one from Cornwall and another from Milford Haven. Having travelled so far, several skippers had difficulty returning home as the tail end of Hurricane Bertha hit the North Sea. Six Belgian boats and 32 Dutch made up the total fleet of 70 vessels taking part.

Young gaffers sailing a Galway Hooker, Dublin Bay

During a magical weekend in May 2014, a door into another world was opened for a group of teenage students from Cork city. The setting for this adventure into the world of sailing traditional boats was Poolbeg in Dublin and the hosts were Dublin Bay Old Gaffers Association (DBOGA) and Poolbeg Yacht and Sailing Club.

OGA press cutting 7 August 2014, Hoorn, Netherlands

The OGA fleet hit the headlines in Hoorn, 7 August 2014, during the Dutch OGA Cross Country Tour celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Read the translation into English and find out a little more about the two boats in the photograph.

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    Editor's update: 1 September

    62 boats started the Dutch 10th Anniversary 'Cross Country Tour' at Wemeldinge and there are reports on 'Sailing by'. Thankyou for all the contributions to the September issue of Gaffers Log, due to arrive on members' doormats in a couple of weeks time. There are some updates here on the website, and as the sailing season draws to a close, why not think about nominations for Association trophies and sort out your best photos for the OGA Competition. If you're a member, send in reports to keep the website up-to-date and if you like what you see around the site, the OGA is keen to welcome new members, so why not think about joining us?

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