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Kevin Goulding sends a short report with video for the Annual Race at Conwy River Festival, 23 July 2016. Like the East Coast Area a week later, the challenge was to run a race with hardly any wind!

Most OGA boats joining the Brest & Douarnenez Festivals have now returned to home ports. This weekend sees a second OGA fleet muster in Peel, Isle of Man before the Celtic Cruise makes passage north on Monday 8 August.

With barely a puff of wind, the OGA East Coast Race took place on Saturday 30 July, 2016 at Brightlingsea on the River Colne. Read on for the full results, photos and brief report.

OGA skippers and crews made passage from around the UK and Netherlands to meet with the French OGA along the coast of Brittany for the Festivals at Brest and Douarnenez, 2016.

Bristol Channel OGA held an evening race in Cardiff Bay.