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H W Tilman: OGA discount on new edition

Some of you will recall my previous website relating to H W (Bill) Tilman, content of which was mostly removed from the internet several years ago. You may be interested to know that the website is now back up and running here There is still much work to do, but the bulk of it is back and it will now be maintained on a regular basis.

Now that I am 'retired' and have (limited!) time on my hands, I have been helping to reawaken interest in the man and his travels with the aim of ensuring that his place in Britain's history of exploration is not forgotten. Some of you may even have seen my constantly evolving talk entitled 'Travels with Tilman', most recently at the Kendal Mountain Festival in November 2016 and at the OGA Solent AGM in November 2015.

I am pleased to say that the full set of Tilman's fifteen books, along with the original biography 'High Mountains and Cold Seas' by JRL Anderson, are now being reprinted in their original 'first edition' form, with all maps and photographs. Each volume has been further extended with a new Foreword, and in many cases an Afterword, by a select group of mountaineers, sailors, and former crew-members, all of whom are well placed to pass comment on Tilman's achievements.

The list of contributors is headed by Sir Chris Bonington and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and the first ten volumes of the new 'Tilman Edition' are already available to purchase, with the remaining six due to be available by June 2017.

Bob Comlay, expedition member, 1970


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30% Discount for OGA Members

There is a generous 30% discount on all titles for OGA Members, find full details in the November 2016 issue of Gaffers Log, p.59. Visit the Lodestar Books website for the story behind the new edition and remember to use your OGA discount code when ordering if you are a Member!

The December 2016 issue of UK Yachting Journal Yachting Monthly also has four pages on Tilman and is well worth a read!

Sir Chris Bonington has contributed the Foreword to 'Snow on the Equator', and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston that for 'Mischief in Patagonia'. Both are avowed Tilman fans—indeed they sailed and climbed together in the early 1990s in eastern Greenland, getting there aboard Sir Robin’s world-girdling yacht 'Suhaili'. Series researcher Bob Comlay is a veteran of two Tilman voyages to Greenland in the early 1970s, and has contributed an Afterword to 'Mischief in Patagonia' describing his own experience and impression of Tilman as both sailor and expedition leader. Contributors to further volumes include: Doug Scott, Tom Cunliffe, John Porter, Roger Taylor, Gerda Pauler, Ed Douglas, Simon Yates, Libby Purves, Bob Shepton, Skip Novak, Colin Putt.

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