OGA Trophies, Awards and Photography competition

OGA Photography Competition

There is an annual Photography Competition for OGA Members, open for entries from 30 June 2017. Submit your entries online here.

OGA Trophies

Send nominations to the Trophy Secretary, Dave Percival.

The OGA has eight trophies awarded on an annual basis to members from any Area. Winners are listed under each trophy name for the past few years up to 2016. Members should nominate fellow members for awards by the end of November, 2017.

Previous Winners

OGA trophies for 2016 were awarded at the AGM on 14 January 2017, along with prizes for the 2016 OGA Photography Competition. Prizes of books were donated by Adlard Coles Nautical for the Photography Competition.

Each recipient of an Association trophy is asked to return it in November, but has an engraved memento to keep. Browse the menu links to find criteria, nominations and previous winners for OGA Trophies. There are slideshows of award-winning photographs from previous years.

We are most grateful to the OGA volunteers who help in the organisation and running of the photography competition and award of trophies.