About the OGA

In the OGA you'll meet practical sailors doing things in an affordable way. We don't all splash out on the latest technology, or on brand new bits for our boats. The Association encourages development of the many skills of sailing and boat-handling, and we champion the crafts of traditional boat-building, seamanship and boat maintenance. The OGA has grown into a flourishing Association with Areas around the UK and Ireland, a Trailer Section and affiliated associations around the globe including France, the Netherlands (including members in Belgium), Canada (including members in the USA), Australia and New Zealand.

Becoming a member of the OGA brings a range of benefits including a full colour printed newsletter, Gaffers Log, mailed three times per year, annual printed directory of members, email notices and events in your local Area and a range of discounts negotiated with various organisations. The Association also runs an annual Photographic Competition.

Visit Wikipedia to find out more about the gaff rig.