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Owning a smaller boat has many advantages, not least the freedom from mooring costs and the worry of winter gales. More importantly, unlike a cruiser which is often limited to 25 miles or so from its home port (unless it’s the annual holiday), the owner of a trailer boat can take the craft just about anywhere, and experience new challenges, not only at sea but also on rivers and lakes.

Most Trailer Section members use tents or caravans when away, and a strong 'après sail' tradition has grown up at campsites. Quite a few play various musical instruments and most evenings either see an on-site barbecue or a visit to a local pub for a meal. Truly, our motto is 'Fun afloat. Fun ashore'. All types of boats are welcome. Gaff rig is loosely interpreted to include lug, gunter, sprit etc. Sizes vary from under 10' to 18', but these are not limits. Types of boats vary from sailing canoes to small cabin boats. Neither are we into polished bronze and varnish!. Although you will see some excellent examples of this, it is not expected.

The OGA is a broad church and encompasses members who love old boats and wouldn’t be seen dead in anything built after 1890, whilst others are perfectly content with brand new plastic. Please do not think that your boat is too old or too new, or in some other way unsuitable. Come along and join us.

Photo credit: 'Hamble Star' and 'Tideway' at Thurne Mouth, Norfolk Raid 2014, by Keith Mosley