Gaffers Log

The full-colour printed newsletter of the OGA is a very popular benefit of membership. Published at A5 size for many years, the December 2015 issue was produced in a trial, larger size to provide extra space for layout and 'white space', with a slightly larger font size. The same size as a typical football programme (or an iPad) and only costing a few more pence per issue, the new size accommodates the increasing number of high quality photographs and wider range of written contributions the Editor receives.

The excellent Gaffer’s Log has just hit the doormat; well worth every penny of the membership fee.

At the AGM in January 2016, the decision was made to move to a larger size and to publish Gaffers Log three times a year instead of four. The Log is a popular benefit of OGA membership and attracts a good range of contributions meaning that it generally runs to over 72 pages in full colour.

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Gaffers Log

50 years of the 'Gaffers Log'

In the 1960s the Old Gaffers Association Newsletter comprised typed, stapled, foolscap sheets with no illustrations, moving to A4, still typed and stapled but with a photograph on the cover by the early 1970s. It was printed black only on white paper with a different colour cover sheet each quarter. It included historical articles about the cover boat in each issue along with race results, letters from members and other articles of interest.

OGA Editor David Cade changed the size to A5 in 1985. Folded and stapled as a booklet, the Newsletter remained black only print with coloured paper covers. David Cade introduced his changes with the comment: 'I hope we are heading in the right direction with this new format, but it will largely depend on YOU the members to whom I look for material and good black and white photos.' Colour printing at that time was still very costly, compared with today, but the plea for good material remains the same.

25 years ago, in 1985, came the move to A5

Spring 1993 brought the next change in both name and format. Moving to 'Gaffers Log' it was still A5 but had full colour covers printed on heavier card. Inside pages were laid out in a larger font with more scope for including photographs.

Probably due to costs at that time, it still remained black only print apart from the covers. Once more there was a plea from the new Editor, Jay Cresswell:

'We need more photographs, doodles and maps to brighten up the presentation. Let's have more, shorter items. They're less boring to the casual browser. The Journal badly needs some practical hints stuff and some mini-histories of boats.'


Gaffers Log


Gaffers Log

In June 2005, Editor Phil Slade introduced a full-colour Log, retaining the A5 format and using heavier stock for covers. There were around 52 to 56 pages each quarter. With more access to digital cameras, high resolution photographs suited for print have become much more readily available. Ten years on and the Association approved the proposal from Editor, Beverley Yates, to increase the size, with most issues running to over 72 pages, published three times per annum to fit better with the sailing season. At the AGM in January 2020, Beverley stood down as Editor after six years and John O'Donnell was elected to the position.

log [at] oga [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Gaffers%20Log) (Contact the Editor) with your comments and contributions.

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