Rules of the Old Gaffers Association


The name of the Association shall be THE OLD GAFFERS ASSOCIATION.


2a. The Objects of the Association shall be to encourage interest in gaff, lug and spritsail rigs, and their development; to encourage seamanship and comradeship; to offer help and advice to members, and to organise races and rallies for members.
2b. Racing shall be organised under the rules and traditions of the Old Gaffers Association to suit local conditions. Subject to the authority of the Area's Annual General Meeting, Area Committees shall have complete freedom to include all members' craft in races and rallies, other than the annual OGA race which shall be for gaff rig only.


The Association Burgee shall be blue with a white pitchfork.


4a. Membership shall be open to all owners of gaff rigged boats and to persons interested in gaff rig. There shall be the following categories of membership.
(i) Individual: entitled to one vote and to receive one copy of each Newsletter.
(ii) Family: two adults and children under the age of 21 resident at the same address, entitled to two votes and one copy of each Newsletter.
(iii) Junior: under 25 years of age and entitled to one vote and to receive one copy of each Newsletter.
A member of any category wishing to resign shall inform the Membership Secretary before 14 December, otherwise he or she shall be liable for the following year's subscription.

4b. Membership of the Association and acceptance of these Rules by a member will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 or any statutory amendment for the time being in force, for the publication of a member's address and other contact details in the Yearbook, and also for the use of the member’s email address for communications on Association business from time to time. A member who wishes any of his or her data not so to be published or used must notify the Membership Secretary in writing, including email.


Any member not complying with the Rules of the Association or said to be guilty of conduct injurious to the good name of the Association shall be liable to expulsion. In such an event the matter shall be brought to the attention of the Association Secretary by the Area concerned. The. Secretary shall form a special committee of five persons taken from Area Presidents, Area Secretaries or full members of the General Management Committee, so long as they have no connection in any way with the matter raised. Both the Area concerned and the person concerned shall make written representation to the Association Secretary for distribution to the special committee. At an agreed date, but no longer than six months from the first written submission, the special committee shall meet. Both parties shall be invited to attend. The special committee, having had the opportunity to investigate the matter fully will, on a majority vote have the authority to expel, or not, the person concerned.
Any members expelled from the OGA shall not attend any OGA organised event unless they have received permission from the committee of the Area responsible for the event.


The annual subscription for each category of membership shall be decided and revised from time to time by the members in general meeting and shall be due on 1 January each year.

A member who has not paid the appropriate subscription by the 31 March in that year in which the subscription was due shall be deemed to have resigned. A member joining after 1 October in any year shall pay a full annual subscription which will entitle appropriate membership up to 31 December the following year.
From the date of any increase in subscription becoming effective, any subscription paid by or on behalf of a member at the old rate and not made up to the new rate within thirteen weeks of notice being given shall be regarded as a donation to Association funds, and the membership affected shall cease. Non-payment of the subscription in any year will automatically terminate membership, and whilst every effort is made to remind members whose subscriptions are overdue, the officers cannot guarantee to be able to send out reminders.


7(i) As far as possible the Association shall be organised on an area basis with separate Area Committees.
7(ii) The Officers of the Association shall be:
(a) President
(b) Secretary
(c) Treasurer
(d) Membership Secretary
(e) Newsletter Editor
(f) Boat Register Editor
(g) Webmaster
All officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, subject to a simple majority vote and shall remain in office for a period not exceeding three consecutive years, but may stand for re-election at the end of such period. Nominations for the election of all officers may be submitted by any member of the Association and must be received by the Secretary ten weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
The Officers of the Association shall be ex officio members of all area committees.
7(iii) Area Committees
At its Annual General Meeting each area shall elect a Committee.
Each Area Committee shall elect its own Area Secretary and Area Treasurer. Each Area Committee shall be solely responsible for running events in its area. Area Committees may make such rules as they may consider necessary for the efficient running of the Association in their area, but shall inform the Association Committee of such rules. Committee business may, if necessary, be conducted by post or electronic means.
Area Secretaries shall keep the Secretary and Membership Secretary informed of the names and addresses of Area Committee Members.
Area Secretaries shall keep the Newsletter Editor informed of race results, boats and gear for sale, and any other matters likely to be of interest to the membership at large.
Area Presidents shall be elected by simple majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of the area which he or she will represent, and shall remain in office for a period not exceeding three consecutive years, but may stand for re-election at the end of such period. Nominations for the election of an Area President may be submitted only by members of that area which he or she will represent.
7(iv) a. Association Committee
The Association Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Association, together with the Area Presidents and Area Secretaries of each Area. The Association Committee shall be responsible for all matters not specific to a particular area.
The Association Committee may co-opt any other person it may deem desirable from time to time.
7 (iv) b. General Management Committee
The General Management Committee shall be the day to day central core of the Association and shall act in all instances for the Association Committee when it is impossible or impractical for it to be consulted. It shall report its activities annually to the Association Committee and shall take instructions from the Association Committee as to the future of the Association.
The General Management Committee’s constitution and operation will be defined by the Association from time to time.
7(v) Honours
The Association at a General Meeting may from time to time wish to honour a member whose contribution to the Association has been exceptional and beyond the call of duty. Such members shall cease to pay a subscription but retain their voting power at General Meetings as a members of the Association
7(v) a. Elder Gaffer
This position is awarded to those who have rendered exceptional service to the Association as a national body, usually having held one or more Association offices. An Elder Gaffer has ex officio membership of all committees, but only in an advisory capacity, having no vote other than the normal member’s vote in a General Meeting. There shall be no more than 16 Elder Gaffers at one time.
7(v) b. Honorary Life Member
This position is awarded to those who have rendered exceptional service, but do not qualify for the award of Elder Gaffer. An Honorary Life Member has no membership of committees other than those to which he or she has been voted in the normal run of events. There shall be no more than 16 Honorary Life Members at one time.


Each Area shall hold at least one event for gaff rigged boats each year.
Where possible at least one race for gaff rigged boats shall be held in each Area each year under the prevailing Racing Rule of Sailing, Association Prescriptions and Local Area Race Instructions. The Races shall attempt to give four or five hours sailing, and should be followed by a meeting or social gathering ashore. Area Secretaries shall endeavour to select dates for their Races which will give members from other Areas a chance to enter. Entry shall be open to all members on payment of the fee decided by the appropriate Area Committee. Non-members owning gaff rigged boats shall be allowed to enter on payment of an additional amount decided by the Area Committee and shall be honorary members of the Association for the day of the Race only. Boats shall be handicapped by the Association T(H)CF handicap system or such system as shall subsequently be prescribed by the Association or Area Committee.
Area Committees shall retain detailed race results for their Area’s Annual Race.


9(i) All monies received or paid out by any member of an Area Committee in the name of the Association shall be deemed to be monies of the Association and shall be accounted for annually to the Association Treasurer. The annual submission of accounts of Association monies held in Area funds shall not affect the control of the Area funds by the appropriate Area Committee, other than in the event of their incurring a deficit which cannot be met by resources within the Area.
9(ii) Accounts for such income and expenditure shall be closed at 30th September each year and audited. These accounts shall be presented to a General Meeting of the Area Members for approval in time for them to be forwarded to the Association Treasurer not later than 15th November of the same year.
9(iii) The Organiser of any Race, Rally or other event (whether sponsored or not) promoted in the name of the Association but outside the authority of a particular Area Committee shall be accountable to the Association Treasurer as in Clause (i) above.
9(iv) The Association Treasurer shall publish to all members a statement of accounts made up to 30 September and audited.


10(i) There shall be held each year an Association Annual General Meeting at which election of officers, presentation of accounts and other matters delineated in these rules shall take place.
The Secretary shall give at least 14 days notice of such meeting with notice of any business the Association Committee shall order to be inserted in the notice convening the meeting. This business must include details of candidates for the election of Officers of the Association and details of any proposals put forward for discussion. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be 20.
10(ii) A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Secretary receiving a requisition in writing to do so from (a) the President, Treasurer or Membership Secretary, (b) any three elected members of the Association Committee or (c) at least 40 members of the Association who are entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings.
The person or persons requisitioning such a meeting shall specify the object of the meeting in writing and, if appropriate, shall set out fully the wording of any resolution to be proposed. On receipt of such a requisition the Association Committee shall, after consulting the person or persons requisitioning the Meeting, fix a date and time for such Meeting, which date shall be within 40 days of the date of requisition notice. At least 28 days notice of the Special General Meeting (including the object of any Resolution and the Committee's recommendation) shall be sent by the Secretary to every member of the Association entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings.
The quorum for a Special General Meeting shall be 40. The resolution or proposed alterations shall be carried by a majority of at least two thirds of those present at the meeting.
No other subject than that thus specified shall be discussed or dealt with at a Special General Meeting.
10(iii) There shall be held each year an Area Annual General Meeting at which the Area Committee for the following year shall be elected, and any other business may be decided. Whenever possible, all members shall be given notice of the intention to discuss any item of business. Visitors from other areas may join in the discussion, but may not vote.
The meeting shall be held in time for the Area Accounts, if approved, to be forwarded to the Association Treasurer by 15 November. Minutes of Meetings shall be forwarded to the Association Secretary by the same date.


The Association shall publish, periodically, to all members, a Newsletter including such items as race results, logs of cruises, details of boats, advertising boats and gear for sale and wanted, crews wanted, etc. There shall be no charge for such advertising when it is initiated by Association members. Advertising from commercial bodies and/or non-members of the Association may be accepted at the discretion of the Association Committee, and shall be charged for at such rates as the Committee shall decide.
The factual matter published in the Newsletter has been and shall be the only official record of the activities and business of the Association. Each edition of the Newsletter shall publish the latest date for copy to be received by the Editor for inclusion in the next edition. Area Secretaries shall keep the Newsletter Editor aware of race results, boats and gear for sale, and any other matters likely to be of interest to the membership at large.


These Rules shall be changed only at a General Meeting of the Association. The Association Secretary shall give at least 14 days written notice of such meeting and the proposed changes to all members. Such changes shall become effective if two thirds of the votes cast at the meeting are in favour.
Proposals for changes to the Rules may be made by any member in writing, seconded by another member and sent to the Secretary at least 10 weeks before the date of a General Meeting.


13(i) If, at any General Meeting of the Association, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the Association, the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the Association to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.
13.(ii) If, at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the Full Members present at the meeting, the General Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the Association and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Association.
13(iii) After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Association, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Full Members of the Association, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objectives similar to those of the Association.


Interpretation of these Rules and matters not covered by them shall be decided by the Association Committee.
THESE RULES incorporate all amendments up to and including those approved at the 11 January 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Colin Stroud, OGA Secretary
22 January 2019