Lone Wolf


Lone Wolf in the Solent in 2009
©Ros Cunliffe


Boat OGA no: 
Mainsail type: 
Rig type: 
Home port or other location: 
Yarmouth Isle of Wight

One off design probably based on the Poole fishing boats/pilot boats of the time. Cruised to the Baltic before First World War and taken down through the French canals in the winter of 1919-20 returning back to South Coast of England in 1920. Moved to East Coast just before Second World War and thought to have spent the war at Pin Mill. Converted to Bermudan in 1950 and back to gaff in 1982. Moved back to the South Coast in 1983 and underwent a major refit 1984-7, Lone Wolf has been a regular participant in Solent area events ever since.

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