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Maritime Woodbridge, 2018

Saturday, September 8, 2018 to Sunday, September 9, 2018
The Tidemill and Granary, Woodbridge, River Deben
©Peter Willis

Every other year Maritime Woodbridge celebrates Woodbridge’s maritime and riverside heritage from Anglo-Saxon times to the present day. The event is organised by and for the community. A central feature is that it is free (and fun) for visitors, but underpinned by the heritage we all share, and which still influences the town today. 

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Woodbridge Small Boat Rally Sept 2018


Provisional outline of event:


Boats to arrive and launch from Eversons Boatyard which means crossing the railway tracks in accordance with the instructions issued at the trackside by Network rail. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THOSE INSTRUCTIONS.


Trailers can be stored at this yard.


Signing on to be done at Eversons yard when launching or at Whisstocks slip after launching on Saturday morning.

Briefing to be on Whisstocks slip Saturday morning 1 hour before High water . 

HW Saturday 11.59 BST Sunday 12.52 BST

Racing to take place either side of high water on both Sat 8th  and Sunday 9th September in accordance with the current racing rules.

The course will be set on the morning of the race in agreement with the participants at the time. It is hoped that the DYC will be able to do the starting and finishing sequences but this will be confirmed on the morning of Saturday.


The course is likely to be mainly along the reach of the river from Robertsons yard down to the Cutway through to Troublesome reach. THERE IS NO FORMAL SAFETY BOAT COVER AT THIS EVENT


Sculling demonstrations will preceed the sailing race on Saturday and follow the race on Sunday with a sculling race for the not fainthearted.


Recommended minimum safety equipment:

  • Buoyancy aid for each crew member

  • Outboard motor if possible, or alternative means of propulsion

  • Suitable means of anchoring

  • Bucket / bailer

  • This list is NOT exhaustive. The skipper must ensure that they carry sufficient safety equipment for the activity.

Please download the event details and risk assesment forms below

Woodbridge, Suffolk
Everson's boatyard, Woodbridge
Pete Elliston for the OGA
Organiser phone: 
07831 525233
Organiser email: