East Coast




This section holds a growing collection of 'Galleries' to illustrate what goes on in the OGA East Coast Area, past and present. Each 'Gallery', holding up to 30 images, has been gathered together by members of the East Coast Area.

The Annual OGA Race on the East Coast in 2017 attracted nearly 30 boats, with a selection of those participating captured by various photographers.

The first OGA Tollesbury Rally took place in April 2014, at the invitation of Tollesbury Sailing Club. The first sailing event of the season, it ran again in May 2015 and has now become a regular event on the East Coast OGA calendar.

Pictures of rallies held to protest at the fencing off of Mistley Quay. Not just gaffers but all sorts of local craft participate on the river side of the fence watched by those protesting on the quay.

This gallery was originally developed to complement the article by Andrew Wolstenholme, 'Gaff rig: past, present and future'. Browse the boats, let us know what you think, and send us photos of any more to include . . .

Every year an intrepid group of East Coast sailors venture to the northern edge of their area and brave the entrance to Southwold Harbour. Sometimes they race their big boats off the pier, other years they head up the Blyth River in dinghies. Whatever the event, and whatever the weather, there is always a great welcome from the Southwold Sailing Club, and beer!

Generally regarded as one of the best ever, take a look at some of the photos from the 2016 East Coast August Cruise.

Here a some fantastic images from the trip to the Brest and Douarnenez Festivals this year.

The East Coast Race was held on 30 July, 2016. 23 boats set out from the start line between Bateman's Tower, Brightlingsea and the Committee boat 'Tempus' in very light winds . . .

The OGA Trailer Section organised a rally in Norfolk to cruise over the weekend of 1-3 July, 2016.

Each Area of the OGA runs an annual race. In the East Coast the first race was organised in 1963 and has been run every year since then. This gallery includes some archive photos from the annual race alongside some of the same boats racing today.