East Coast




This section holds a growing collection of 'Galleries' to illustrate what goes on in the OGA East Coast Area, past and present. Each 'Gallery', holding up to 30 images, has been gathered together by members of the East Coast Area.

This Gallery features some of the East Coast Smacks from the OGA online Boat Register. Take a look and let us know if there are more we can include.

This Gallery shows some of the wide range of boats and people sailing with the OGA in East Coast events. There's local working boats, restored boats, old and new boats in all shapes and sizes. Take a look, and let us have more photos to include.

The Harwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club barge provided an excellent venue for the East Coast OGA Christmas party. Take a look at all the Christmas jumpers on show . . .

In 2015 a contingent of East Coast smacks boats (and others) joined the OGA Trailer Section on the Norfolk Broads for a weekend of sailing and camping in company. A visit to Ranworth Broad gave a chance to sail on some wider waters, and meet up with with wherry yachts as well.

The weather can make or break an event, and this year the sun smiled down on the Walton backwaters while a perfect sailing breeze made for an idyllic small boat race. With so many great pictures to choose from it was hard work cutting the number down!

Ed Burnett designed beautiful yachts that combined classic lines with modern techniques and demands. As well as his own designs, he cooperated with other designers on a number of projects. Here are a few examples of his work.

Please send us any other images you think should be part of this gallery, particularly of boats not yet shown here.

The Annual August Classics is one of the most popular events in the East Coast OGA calendar. This collection illustrating the 2015 event includes photos from local professional photographer, Tony Pickering, amongst others.