East Coast


East Coast Sea Scouts on Sallie

Sea Scouts on Sallie's boom during their sail and overnight experience thanks to the OGA Youth
©Richard Tichener

The planning was meticulously detailed to allow 4 groups of 3 Sea Scouts each to have a sailing experience and an overnight experience on the smack Sallie over a week long period during the school Easter holidays. Funding from the East Coast Area, the OGA Youth Fund and Teamac Marine Paints made the whole thing possible - but bad weather could still have played havoc. Happily the weather gods were kind...

Here follows a brief account from Richard Tichener, Executive Officer of Sea-Change Sailing Trust, and skipper of Sallie for this event:

"As planned we had Jane (Scout leader) and three Scouts join on Sunday evening in view of the early tide, went aboard and prepared the vessel. Monday saw an early muster at 0500 and we left the mooring dead on high water with a lovely south easterly which died with patchy and occasionally thick fog before Osea.

Gradually this cleared as we made slow and careful progress down river finding a better breeze below Bradwell, where we stopped for lunch. Then the fog returned and needed some real navigation to find the Nass and our anchorage below the moorings in Mersea Quarters, ready for the first of three changeovers by Lady Grace. As there was by now a fresh breeze from the east and the anchorage was uncomfortable, the new crew got us under way for a quieter night in the lee on the southern shore.

Tuesday and Wednesday were repeats with changeovers at 1630 each day. Tuesday was very calm and we drifted down to the Bench Head enabling some rowing around the boat before a sea breeze developed to take us back to Mersea. That evening the new crew took us up to Osea and they were able to go ashore in the dusk exploring. Wednesday was a lovely day and with a reef we got around to Brightlingsea before returning to Mersea for the pick up. Wednesday's new crew stayed with us until the return to the mooring on the morning tide Friday, departing after a look at both Reminder and Blue Mermaid.

This enabled four groups of three to experience an overnight stay as a taster and several have expressed an interest in doing more later. Thanks very much for the assistance the OGA has given to make this such a success".

11 Apr 2017