2nd Arnside Conference: 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020
'Maryll' races with the East Coast Gaffers
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Join us at Arnside Sailing Club, RYA North West Sailing Club of the Year, 2019 to explore the history of Crossfields and the different boats which they built.

Crossfields of Arnside were leading builders of gaff rigged yachts and Morecambe Bay Prawners (also known as Nobbies). They were active from the 1840s to 1940s. There are 26 Crossfield Boats on OGA Boat Register, including 'Bonita' 1888, the oldest boat to take part in 2013 Round Britain Challenge, 'Ziska', 1903 which is now on the West Coast of America having been sailed across the Atlantic and 'Moya', 1910, in the Mediterranean.

During the conference there will be talks from visiting owners and skippers of Crossfields boats. 

The conference is organised by Arnside Sailing Club, the RYA North West Sailing Club of the Year. In 2018 the Club purchased 'Severn' a 1912 Royal Mersey Rivers Class Yacht with the help of a Heritage Lottery to have an example of a Crossfield’s boat in the village

Read a brief summary about Crossfields of Arnside here, and search the online Boat Register for Crossfield boats.

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Alasdair Simpson