Reeuwijk Raid 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018 to Sunday, October 14, 2018
Traditional standing start at Reeuwijk Raid, NL
©Rik Homan

The Reeuwijk Raid is a sailing competition with small gaff boats that can also be rowed. In this race a boat that reaches the front can only stay there for one minute, then has to sail to the back of the fleet, than race for the front again. The boat that has performed this most times is the winner and receives the famous prize! This year is the 15th RR!

Organization is by Rik & Edith and we can once again enjoy the wonderful hospitality of WSV Elfhoeven.

Participate? Mail Rik & Edith for a registration form: info [at] jachtwerfrikhoman [dot] nl (subject: Reeuwijk%20Raid%2C%202018)

On Friday 12 October boats can be launched, or Saturday from 8 am, with own means (trailer) via the slope or with the crane.

Saturday, October 13, the boats get ready before 11 am.
At 11 am Palaver with coffee, after which the competition starts.
We sail across several ponds of Reeuwijk.

Sunday, October 14 Coffee at 10 o'clock, afterwards we take a tour on most of the Reeuwijk ponds.
At 3 o'clock in the afternoon we are back at Elfhoeven.

WSV ELFHOEVEN, Rik and Edith Homan

Rik & Edith Homan
Organiser email: