OGA Photography competition winners, 2017

Prizes for the 2017 annual OGA photography competition, organised by Mike Garlick, were awarded at the OGA AGM in London on 13 January 2018. Winners received a prize from the selection of stunning nautical publications supplied by Adlard Coles Nautical. Winning photos are listed below.

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The OGA is grateful to Bloomsbury Adlard Coles Nautical who sponsor the competition.

DSC02950-Drying sails.JPG

Drying sails in Falmouth


'Gwenili' in Plymouth

Sailing Gaffers

Highly Commended

'Drying sails in Falmouth' by Alistair Randall, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻA well composed peaceful shot of a quiet moment. The challenge here is to allow for the extreme range of exposure from the backlit sails to the dark hulls.ʼ

'Gwenili in Plymouth' by Steve Lorraine, South Westl Area

Judges' comments: ʻGood light, action and spray make this a classic photo. Gwenilli would have been more flattered to have her whole hull included, then cropping tight in landscape format.ʼ

alice mylor.jpg

Alice Pellow

%22Alruth%22 (1).jpg

"Alruth" racing

1OGA LR BW BOB_0093.jpg

Calm before the Start

Sailing Gaffers

Third Prize

'Alice Pellow' by Dave Percival, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻA simple but strong photograph. The ensign dominates in colour and is sculpted by the light which also gives reflected ripples on the counter.'

Second Prize

'Alruth racing' by Ian Woodforth, Overseas (Australia)

Judges' comments: ʻExciting action with amazing clarity of light. The yellow spinnaker makes a strong contrast to the blue water.ʼ

First Prize
'Calm before the start' by Bob Aylott, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻVery atmospheric. The early morning low reflected light silhouettes the figures and the wheel on Niagara, with the eye led towards the contrasting industrial buildings.ʼ

Life at Sea

Highly Commended

'Sculling taxi in Ipswich' by Alistair Randall, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻAn interesting, or is it frightening, scene captured and well framed by the boom. Cropping below the dinghy would tighten the photo and remove clutter.ʼ

'Rain!' by Piers Rowlandson, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻIf this doesn’t bring a smile to your face then nothing will! Perfect exposure on the crumpet!ʼ


Sculling taxi in Ipswich



Life at Sea

Third Prize

'Going well to windward' by Jono Bradfield, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻUncluttered and well composed the eye is led to the happy crew enjoying the best of sailing.ʼ

Second Prize

'Happy Hour' by Ben Collins, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻThe title says it all, though “hour” was probably an understatement. A very clear message giving a “wish I was there” feeling.ʼ

First Prize

'Girls on film' by Josh Masters, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻTaken originally on 35mm film this is a deceptively good photo. Low evening light highlights the girls in 3/4 profile and the clutter of the boats is hidden in the darkness of the other half of the frame.ʼ


Going to windward nicely


Happy hour!


Girls on film