OGA Photography competition

Prizes for the 2018 annual OGA photography competition, organised by Mike Garlick, were awarded at the OGA AGM in London on 12 January 2019. Mike is standing down from organising and judging the competition this year and the Association is most grateful for the work he has done over the past six years to develop and extend the competition. Winners received a prize from the selection of stunning nautical publications supplied by Adlard Coles Nautical and Bookharbour.com. Winning photos are listed below.

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Summer Idyll

1 re-sized Sailing Gaffers DSC_2765.jpg

On the Thames

Sailing Gaffers

Highly Commended

'Summer Idyll' by Sandy Miller, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻA gentle and atmospheric study, closely composed, giving almost a feeling of intrusion into a private moment.ʼ

'On the Thames' by Bob Aylott, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻTechnically well executed with very strong monochrome contrast between the boat, 'Gwenili', and the imposing commercial buildings. Allegorical?'

Cobles at Brid.JPG

Cobles at Brid


Tide's full, breeze stirring


Towards the golden light

Sailing Gaffers

Third Prize

'Cobles at Brid' by Andrew Wolstenholme, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻAn uncluttered portrait of these traditional craft with reflections enhancing the vibrant colours.'

Second Prize

'Tides full, breeze stirring' by Jamie Clay, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻBrave composition, early morning light and atmosphere by the bucket. This shot perfectly captures the magic of the moment of making sail. NB Visit the Photo Gallery, expand the thumbnail and take a look in portrait view to see the excellent composition.'

First Prize
'Into the golden light' by Loic le Marchand, Overseas (France)

Judges' comments: ʻWow! Every part of this picture contributes to the effect - sky, sea and sails in golden light from the sun at the vanishing point of the perspective. Take me there!'

Life at Sea

Highly Commended

'In a touch on this sheet' by Jamie Clay, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻInstant appeal from this cheeky crew member.ʼ

'Look out . . .' by Marion Shirley, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻWe’ve all been there, so even more reason for this to raise a smile from those not involved.ʼ


In a touch on this sheet


Look out . . .

Life at Sea

Third Prize

'The next generation' by Josh Masters, East Coast Area

Judges' comments: ʻThis should lift the heart of even the most crusty old gaffer. Is it the photographer’s charm or the bun that’s bringing a smile to their faces?ʼ

Second Prize

'Gaffer's breakfast' by Paul Jolley, South West Area

Judges' comments: ʻA very clear message on a subject dear to a sailor’s heart. Shared with the crew? The apostrophe suggests not!ʼ

First Prize

'One man and his dog' by Barbara Runnalls, Solent Area

Judges' comments: ʻA moment well observed and captured. The helm is cleverly colour matched to the background, the horizon set with a spirit level and the subjects framed by the main sheet. Captivating enigmatic dynamics between man and dog.ʼ


The next generation


Gaffers Breakfast


One man and his dog