OGA boat plaques now available

Boat name and no.

OGA boat plaques are now available in time for the 55th Anniversary year, 2018.

“…. the quality is excellent and will look great on my boat!”

Just one satisfied response to the new generation of OGA boat plaques. Unique to your boat, fashioned in bronze by an OGA member, engraved with your boat name and OGA boat registration number, the plaques measure 8.5 x 6 cm. Treat your boat to a plaque. Or buy one for a loved one or friend.

An OGA boat plaque will enhance the class of any boat. Order yours today!

Boat name and OGA Boat reg. no.


At just £25, including engraving and postage to UK addresses*, they make a great present. Please note, the OGA Boat no. is NOT your OGA membership no. Your boat must be listed on the OGA boat register for her to have a number. It’s easy to check by finding your boat on the online Boat Register, or looking in the most recent Members' Yearbook. She could have been registered by a previous owner. Registering is easy, boatregister [at] oga [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Is%20my%20boat%20in%20the%20online%20boat%20register%3F, body: I'm%20interested%20in%20buying%20an%20OGA%20boat%20plaque.%20%0APlease%20let%20me%20know%20my%20boat's%20OGA%20no.%20%0AThe%20boat%20is%20called%20xxxxxxx%2C%20my%20name%20is%20xxxxxxx%20OGA%20membership%20no.%20xxxxxx) (contact the Boat Register Editor) if you're unsure. You can enter and update your own boat history and statistics, add pictures and browse the other beautiful boats on the register.

For non-UK deliveries of boat plaques, please add mainland Europe and Ireland postage


Visit the OGA online Shop for more merchandise and an order form for payment by cheque.

6 Jan 2018