Can you help with a survey: sailing yacht keel failure?

Surveyor at work
©Kevin Gorringe

Can you help OGA Member, Kevin Gorringe with his research into keel failure in monohull yachts?

"The failure of monohull sailing yacht keels – fixed, drop and canter - an engineering solution."

The research is being completed using Survey Monkey, to take part in the Survey, follow this link

Research Overview

The research is being carried out as part of the MSc engineering for marine professionals programme at the MLA (Marine Learning Alliance) part of the IMarEST and Plymouth University. The research is to evaluate the current problem of keel failure in monohull yachts, concentrating on fixed, drop and canter design. The aim of the research is to:

  • identify primary reasons for keel failure;
  • recommend approaches to keel safety, survey and inspection;
  • provide and develop existing research to develop an understanding of the subject and improve vessel safety.

The primary areas so far for research include:

  • Design failures and designers failing to identify stresses correctly;
  • Owners failing to identify primary signs of failure especially following groundings and heavy weather sailing;
  • Negligent surveys, there are cases of legal action being taken against surveyors currently, including for failing to identify issues in new yachts.

The Purpose of the Research

The research is to establish primary data from yacht owners, to include traditional yachts, modern yachts, racing etc, to include as many types of yachts and owners as possible. The research is also interested in negligent surveys etc.

The survey is for research only and will not record any specific details of specific yachts, surveyors details or any specific details. Persons completing the research have the opportunity to leave name and contact email/phone number if they would allow the researcher to follow up on the data only.

Follow up

It is proposed that a full article is to be written following the research and will be made available. The research is to be used to follow up on the safety of yachts developing safety information, training etc.

About the Researcher

Kevin A Gorringe, BSc(Hons) MSc marine surveying Csci CMarSci MIMarEST MNI

The research is being undertaken by Kevin, the research builds on previous small craft accident research and will be used as part of a second MSc degree programme in engineering for marine professionals, currently being completed at Plymouth University and the MLA. Kevin is a mature student, 52 years of age and a former defence research naval systems safety specialist, MSc degree qualified marine surveyor and has an independent marine practice 'East Sussex Marine Consultants' near Eastbourne. The practice specialises in vessel safety and surveying.

A Full Member of the IMarEST and the Nautical Institute, Chartered as a Scientist with the UK Science Council and the IMarEST Professional Register. A member of the OGA and owner of a wood traditional 'John Leather' design gaff rig yacht sailing from Sovereign Harbour.

The research is being completed using Survey Monkey, to take part in the Survey, follow this link

21 Nov 2019