Obituary notice: Alison Cade

Alison Cade with grand-daughter Iona
©Dick Dawson

It is with great sadness that I report that Alison Cade passed away in February. Alison’s husband David was OGA President from 1995 until his death in 2002, and she was appointed Elder Gaffer in recognition of her unstinting support of the OGA when he passed on.

I was Association Secretary during most of David’s Presidency and Alison was very much part of the team, accompanying David on many of his travels around the OGA areas and providing good cheer and hospitality on the many occasions their house in Rye was used as an OGA committee room.

Alison made sure that the family gaff cutter 'Storm' was kept in commission after David’s death, and she sailed 'Storm' to the Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival every year.

A full obituary is to be published in the June Gaffers Log.

Dick Dawson, OGA Solent Area

Image credit: Alison with grand-daughter, Iona enjoying the 100th birthday party for 'Storm'

5 Mar 2014