Reeuwijk Raid: 5-6 October 2019

The 16th Reeuwijk Raid was once again, a great success, with boats from England and the Netherlands enjoying the weekend. Organisers Rik and Edith say:

"We will remember the 16th Reeuwijk Raid as very special: Saturday lovely weather and easy sailing; Sunday quite different with very strong wind and torrential rain. Nevertheless most of the fleet did what we planned: sail to the club for lunch. That was the easy part before the wind, but coming back, sailing against a strong wind most boats had to reef. It was a wonderful sight to see them all tacking and negotiating the bridge. Then with everything soaked, the boats were placed on the trailers and set off to their home waters.

Thanks to everyone for coming, see you again next year? Follow the links for two galleries of photos . . . "

Maus Jaarsma

Erica van Os

10 Oct 2019