Trainee opportunities from Shipshape Heritage Training Project

Shipshape Heritage Training Project trainees and partners, Brixham
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National Historic Ships UK announce new Shipshape Heritage Training Project (SHTP 2) trainee opportunities. Closing date for applications is 7 May, 2019.
We are pleased to offer eight paid Traditional Seafarer or Museum Shipkeeping trainee placements, as part of our National Lottery Heritage Fund project! Our first year trainees have had a great start to their placements and we are confident that this will path their way into careers in the maritime/maritime heritage sector.
Download the job advert and press release which both jointly and separately explain the two opportunities and what is in store for new trainees.

The application process is via the NHS UK website where you can find more details about the placements, as well as find our online application forms.

4 Apr 2019