Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival: June 2014

Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival

Over 40 traditional boats from all over the UK are expected to come and visit Tarbert for the third Traditional Boat Festival. Tarbert Harbour pontoons are open to the public. Visitors can wander around the traditional boats and have a closer look. At Tarbert Harbour Events Area wooden boat building is demonstrated. During the festival children and families can enjoy activities including the popular ‘greasy pole’, a boat building competition and a rowing race.

This year a Viking theme has been added to the Traditional Boat Festival: the Loch Fyne Viking Festival. The historic Magnus Barefot 1093 portage of a Viking longship in his successful bid to claim Kintyre as art of his Kingdom, is re-enacted. Volunteers pull a full size replica of a Viking longship taken from a historical design and especially built for the festival, in a parade with music and flags from the West Loch to the East Loch. Using the longship several villages along Loch Fyne are raided during a two-day trip. In each of these villages Viking activities are planned to celebrate the villages and their communities, including offering local produce. Tarbert Harbour Events Area is transformed into a Viking village and Viking skirmishes will take place there, including archers from Northern Ireland.

During these festivals a community barbecue, a community ceilidh and fireworks are organised open to Tarbert community, Tarbert moorings and berth holders association members, Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival and Loch Fyne Viking Festival participants and all other guests. Live traditional Scottish music and popular music is performed on several occasions during both festivals.

New additions and adaptations to the programme are continuously made as result of arising possibilities, including participants for the Loch Fyne Viking Festival from all over Scotland and abroad (Norway, Poland, the Netherlands).

More details and registration form are in the flier.

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21 Feb 2014