'White Cloud' sails south to her new home

'White Cloud' in Ribadeo Galicia
©Paul Stevens

We hear from a new OGA member, Paul Stevens, who is on passage with his new boat, 'White Cloud' from the East Coast of England to Portugal . . . 

I'm a recent new member who after a lifetime of sailing  succumbed to the deep physiological need for more string, and bought 'White Cloud' from Les Weeks. I live in Porto and left the UK in mid September. We've had a slow trip due to so much bad weather, but are now in Ribadeo Galicia, only 240nm to go. 'White Cloud' has been superb and a testament to the excellent job Les did in restoring her and saving her from certain death. So now I am waiting for a prolonged spell of quiet weather so the swell subsides and I can get her home to Marina Leixões where I will keep her. With her pole mast she can just squeeze under all the bridges in Porto for a trip up the Douro, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. She may even get through the first of the dams, which have locks with guillotine doors, that would give me access to some wonderful gentle cruising.

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7 Nov 2019