David Cade Memorial Trophy

Donated to the OGA by Alison Cade, David’s widow and judged by the General Management Committee (GMC), the David Cade Memorial Trophy is awarded annually 'to an OGA member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Association during the year, over and above the normal call of duty.'

Not awarded in 2019

2018 winners: Tony and Sally Kiddle, East Coast Area

There were several nominations received for our winners of this trophy but here is the one which to the judges seemed to say it all: It is for Tony and Sally Kiddle.

"Tony picked up the baton of OGA55 once mooted by the GMC and, with support from the GMC and East Coast Gaffers, led its evolution into a week-long festival involving small boats, large boats, some very large boats, boats from abroad, spectator boats, ferry boats, visitors arriving by foot and sailing as guests on boats, visitors staying in tents, management of several venues and goodness knows what else. He got involved with details of budgets, bands, barbecues, meals, visits, sponsors, merchandise - you name it. I’m sure he could add another page of things I’ve missed.

As National Treasurer, his “normal call of duty” involves budgets so I would say Tony’s contribution was definitely abnormal in 2018.

In status, Sally is an ordinary OGA member, except that everyone knows that her (nearly always) happy, positive and willing participation in extreme cruising and racing on a 19 foot boat marks her out. This year OGA55 invaded her life and space too. I am sure many of the ideas were hers and I know that a lot of the legwork was.  Staffing the office, developing systems for everything from identification of registrants to rules for competitions, responding to queries following registration, shopping and more shopping (not the interesting kind), taking other people shopping and, not least, the role of sanitary advisor in chief. Well, how else can I politely say that she cleaned the toilets? I’m  sure she too could add another page of things I’ve missed.

In both cases this is an outstanding contribution over and above the normal call of duty to life in general, let alone over and above the normal call of duty to the OGA.
Give them the trophy!"

2017 winners: John Gallagher, South West Area

Last summer John pulled out all the stops for us. The Solent fleet arrived wet and bedraggled after a long day beating the wind. The rain poured down on the quay washing out any chance of our usual pontoon sundowners and welcome party. Unpeturbed John took matters in hand. He and his fellow gaffers marched up to the quay carrying beer and wine with them to parley with the Marina Office. Very soon John had commandeered the the inner sanctum of computer screens and keyboards as his squad took over the desks for the barrels and led us all into the happy hour . . . things are done differently in Devon! Imagine trying that trick in Yarmouth!

Over the next two days we were charmed in Plymouth. John had arranged a magical weekend. A perfect breeze blew in for the race as the skies cleared and the sun rolled in. A suitably Gafferish mistake involving a starting tower and a forgotten key deftly overcome so nobody knew. A second party with special awards for the worthy, a meal and prizegiving. The Plymouth rally was the highlight event of the Sou’by Sou'West adventure. Nothing too grand but plenty of warmth and good feeling. It must also have been the biggest Solent/South West gaffer event we have seen (possibly ever?) and great example of the OGA’s spirit. It got many of us sailing beyond our usual limits and it brought our two sailing communities together. John’s enthusiasm, stamina and leadership were a key part of its success. May there be more of its kind in the future!

2016 winners: Jessica and Mike Warren, Solent Area

Our nominator  first met the winners back in 2003, Jessica was already Treasurer of the Solent Area OGA. She remembers her careful husbandry of the funds being remarked upon by the Secretary, Geoff Skinner, at an AGM.

Jessica’s next role was in fact to become Solent area Secretary. Mike commented that she would often spend all day in their office working on Solent matters. She maintained an accurate and up to date record of Solent members. Marion was frequently present at newsletter work parties when we collated and folded hundreds of printed pages with photographs carefully selected from her files, always followed by an excellent supper. Jessica had an encyclopaedic knowledge of sailing organisations in The Solent, knowing always just who to call upon when we wanted to set up an event. Under her administration, members of the committee visited the historic Royal Clarence Marina on a freezing December day to plan for the 50th Anniversary of the original Solent Annual Race. She knew all the members and their boats too.

Jessica was as instrumental in the success of Cowes 2013 as was Solent President Dan Shaw who was awarded this trophy in that year. In her crucial role behind the scenes, she dealt with nuts and bolts of all the arrangements for our send-off party on the Hamble and then with the main event. She quickly mastered the new online registration system and spent pretty much the entire event at her desk in the office overseeing the administration and ensuring that all the participants were happy.

In 2014, with increasing family commitments, Jessica stepped down from her post as secretary, just as the Solent team was on the lookout for an editor of our section of the new website. Jessica said that doing this job would keep her in touch with Solent OGA members and events so she set to and learned the necessary technology. National Secretary Sue Lewis recently commented in an email to Marion that “the Solent contribution shines out on our national site.”

Mike could hardly be classed as a quiet supporter of Jessica; he has made a huge contribution to the OGA in his own right. In the Solent, he stands out as a knowledgeable and hands on joint owner of an immaculate wooden boat. He has sound opinions on all aspects of maintenance, and of traditional boating. He is an exemplary engineer and woodworker with a huge sailing experience in local waters. Mike and Jessica also crossed the Channel in Roma, visiting ports in Normandy. They have led by example, attending all the events that they can.

Mike was for many years the OGA’s representative on the Maritime Heritage Trust and stepped down in 2016.

2015 winners: Ben Collins, Solent Area and Yannie Cariguel, OGA France

Ben shares the trophy with Yannie for their sterling work on developing links between the UK and French OGA over the past few years and organising the Cruise in Company from Yarmouth to St Malo which, despite challenging weather, was a great success with more invitations to join in at Brest/Douarnenez next year. Furthermore, Ben demonstrated clearly how we can make use of the website, comments, text messaging, Facebook and blogs alongside the Gaffers Log to plan the event, keep in touch with interested skippers, crews and those with an interest in the event, providing regular reports via all sorts of media from the planning stages, throughout the cruise and a ‘reflections’ piece after the event, published in the Gaffers Log.

Yannie made a tremendous contribution to planning and organising a very warm welcome and rally for the OGA fleet in in her home port of St Malo. Her wonderful team arranged the event to ensure that crews from England, Holland and France came together in a true spirit of international gaffering and friendship.

Photo credit: 'OGA welcome in St Malo', Sally Kiddle

2014 winners: Rik Janssen & Fred Schotman, OGA Netherlands

We took the Dutch OGA 10th Anniversary Cross Country Tour, NL10, as our theme in presenting this trophy to two men man who completed the 2013 Round Britain Challenge with three boats between them and were inspired to try and persuade a host of home-loving Brits to cross the North Sea and join in with the Dutch celebrations in 2014. We are talking, of course, about Rik Janssen and Fred Schotman.

We know NL10 was a team effort and that we owe a debt of gratitude to a large number of our Dutch friends, including President, Cees van Spierenburg who attended the AGM 2015.

But what Rik and Fred did as official 'Liason Officers' with the UK and Irish OGA was what really made the difference for so many of us. Boats and skippers set off from England and sailed to Holland who might never have attempted the trip without all the background work Rik and Fred did on our behalf.

Rik’s persuasiveness, his hard sell of the joys of his country, his taunts about Michiel de Ruyter (boooo!) and of course his excellent communication with us, in English, were the public face to us of NL10. And of course Rik and Fred completely spoilt us while we were there! It is these two we have to thank for rescuing us and towing us, scooping us up as engines failed and gear boxes seized. If you weren’t there, you have read all about it in the Gaffers Log and on the website, I'm sure.

Most importantly, though, it is thanks to Fred and Rik that almost as many UK boats took part in NL10 as Dutch and Belgian boats. We must thank you both for encouraging us to come and encouraging your compatriots to make us so welcome.

In doing this they have changed the OGA for ever: our horizons are broader, we are planning more Cruises in Company to prompt our members to venture further afield and thanks to Rik’s continuing badgering and encouragement we are starting to take on board his dream of 'travelling the people as well as the boats'.

Sue Lewis, OGA Secretary (for the GMC)
Photo credit: 'Sue Lewis presents the award to Rik Janssen', Steve Yates

Visit 'Sailing by' to browse the archive of the Netherlands 10th Anniversaty 'Cross Country Tour', 2014 (OGA NL10)

2013 winner: Dan Shaw, Solent Area

Dan Shaw receives David Cade Memorial TrophyDan receives the trophy for his work in organising the OGA Jubilee Party in Cowes:

I'd like to suggest, and I may not be the first, that we award something to Dan Shaw for his work on our National Birthday Party. He did the work of a professional show organiser and I really can't see how it could have been done better, but especially worthy of recognition are the efforts he made to get all the Areas involved. It was more than just lip service paid to getting members involved from all over the UK (and Europe), he really followed it through and this paid off with an excellent turnout. He was ably supported by a lot of volunteers in the Solent Area who all deserve our thanks but our first truly national festival couldn't have happened without Dan.