Grumpy II Cups

Grumpy II Cups for OGA youth were donated by George Jago and David Cade. Spotting these two halves of a cup in an antique shop, they thought it would make a suitable award for skipper and young crew member(s). The double cup is engraved on each underside ‘skipper’ and ‘crew’.
 The Grumpy II Cups are awarded annually 'to an OGA skipper and young crew for an outstanding sailing achievement during the year'.

No-one seems to know why they're called 'Grumpy'. log [at] oga [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Grumpy%20II%20cups) (Contact the Editor) if you know, and we'll update this section of the website.

Not awarded in 2019

Winners 2018: Paddy Murphy and grandson, Conor

The Dublin Bay OGA nominated Paddy Murphy and Conor, his 16 year old grandson, for the Grumpy II Cups award for their achievement in circumnavigating Ireland in the 'Aigh Vie', a 45’ foot, 102-year old gaff ketch. The 'Aigh Vie' is a Manx Nobby built in Peel in 1916. Paddy has spent the best part of the last 20 years completely restoring her in Renvyle on the west coast of Ireland, where he lives. She was relaunched following her restoration in April 2018.

Conor was born in Croydon and grew up in Milton Keynes. He had never sailed before this summer – since Conor was born the 'Aigh Vie' was on the hard being restored and so sailing was not on the agenda when he would visit Paddy. Paddy and Conor along with 2 other crew departed Renvyle and embarked on a circumnavigation of Ireland on July 21st 2018. Going south-about, they called at Dingle, where the other two crew departed. Grandfather and grandson continued alone calling at Crosshaven and arriving at Poolbeg on July 25th, where she attracted huge attention and excitement – not least because Dublin Bay OGA members had spent an estimated 200 days over the years assisting with her restoration in Renvyle. From Dublin Paddy and Conor sailed (accompanied by 4 other DBOGA members) to Peel to attend the Peel Classic Boat Weekend. Leaving Peel on August 2nd Paddy and Conor continued alone on their anti-clockwise circumnavigation calling at Aranmore and then returning to Renvyle on August 5th. Apart from the Renvyle to Dingle and Poolbeg to Peel legs the crew consisted only of Paddy and Conor – grandfather and grandson.

Winners 2017: Will and Pete Thomas

This year we have twisted the criteria slightly in order to award the trophy NOT to a 'skipper and young crew' but to a 'young skipper and his old Dad'!! The full story is one for the Gaffers Log sometime if those responsible can be persuaded to leave the boat alone for long enough to write it up, but in brief poor old 'Juanita', a 25' gaff cutter built in Falmouth in 1896, was neglected and slowly deteriorating at Bawdsey when Will Thomas and his father Pete Thomas decided to take the matter in hand in 2016. Will acquired the boat and she was brought to Pete's home in Suffolk for renovation work before launching her last summer. As Will no longer lives with his parents he had to make the journey every weekend to get the work done. He then skippered the boat to participate in East Coast Area events. It's a real family affair: anyone who knows Will's Mum, Clare, will confirm that she too rolled her sleeves up and took an active part in the renovation work, and Will's sister Josie was his crew for the sailing. The awarding of this trophy acknowledges the effort in saving a significant boat that might otherwise have been firewood, while at the same time giving credit to both father and son for the effort.

Winners 2016: John and Tibby Owles, open boat 'Summer', East Coast Area

An outstanding achievement by this crew, in their first year, has been to participate in two East Coast Area events, Swallows and Amazons (open boats) and the East Coast Race (open boats) and then to go to the Golfe du Morbihan for a family holiday, in their lapstrake ply design and build open boat. At the Swallows and Amazons event they set off in terrible conditions which prompted the skipper to transfer his willing crew to another boat causing her to object very strongly as she wanted to continue. The skipper continued and sailed a great race single handed coming in in the top four. At the East Coast race, the winds were strong again but this time the willing crew wasn’t budging. They successfully completed that race and then went on by car and trailer for the family summer holiday to the Golfe.

The Grumpy II Cups were not awarded in 2014 or 2015.

Winners 2013: Charles, Niki, Aimee & Alice Erb, Solent Area & Trailer Section

Aimee and Alice receive Grumpy II Cups
Follow the family blog to find out more about their adventures. Look out for Aimee and Alice's article in the March edition of Gaffers Log.

'Aurora' is a 19ft. Cape Cutter sailed by the Erb family Charles, Niki and their two children Aimee, aged 12 and Alice aged eight. The family spend a great deal of time trailing their boat to various sailing events but the one they always return to is Holyhead. This year at Holyhead Traditional Sail Festival Aimee helmed ‘Aurora’ and Alice crewed for her. Although Mum and Dad were on board Aimee and Alice did most of the work. They are planning on taking 'Aurora' to Sweden this year so all good wishes go with them. Charles has a blog and the start reads ‘We are a family of four and are planning coastal sailing adventures around the UK. Living as we do in the Midlands might be seen as a disadvantage, but it does mean that all the coasts of the UK are available to us’.