Janty Cup

Donated by George and Brenda Jago in 2007, along with the first three years book vouchers to the value of £30 annually, the Janty Cup is judged by the Gaffers Log editor. It is awarded annually 'to an OGA member under the age of 25 for the best contribution to Gaffers Log or a more mature contributor writing about a youth event'.

2019 winner: Peter Hudson, East Coast Area

This year, the Janty Cup is awarded to a young man from the East Coast Area. He and his family took part in the Summer Cruise for the first time on their boat ‘Crescent Moon’. Aged 11, he joined in with all the shore-based activities and took every opportunity to sail both ‘Crescent Moon’ (taking part in the Junior Helm race) and the dinghy whenever at anchor. Peter contributed an interesting report, summarising the key events of the week and promising he’ll be back next year. The report was published on p.32 of the November issue of Gaffers Log.

2018 winner: Georgina Green, North East Area

This year, the Janty Cup was awarded to a young lady from the North East. With several other North East OGA members, she travelled down to the Isle of Wight to take part most enthusiastically in the OGA55 celebrations which included a Log Boat Race. In her short, succinct, punchy and funny piece entitled just ‘Magpie’, [p.52 of the November Gaffers Log], she described how her Concours d’Elegance winning log boat was built to reflect the NE heritage.

2017 winner: Phoebe Chaplin, East Coast Area

For 2017, the Janty Cup was awarded to a young lady, aged just 13, who came sailing with her friend Matilda for the first time in August. She joined the East Coast Classics Cruise on the beautiful yacht ‘Cygnet’ and wrote about her experiences, not only completely new to sailing but the additional challenge it presented her with as she learns to cope with Type 2 diabetes. 
'Go out and try new things’ p.23 November, 2017

2016 winner: Sheila Lyons, Northern Ireland Area

The shortlist included two articles submitted by 'young gaffers'. Emily Atherton penned an excellent account of her trip to Yarmouth with her father in ‘Friendly Spirit’. Despite a distinct lack of wind, Emily shows how the gaffers can enjoy themselves, even when having to retire from a race (or two, even three)! Contributing an online article, Felix Williams recounts his participation aboard ‘Amelie Rose' in the Solent Youth Fund event. A student at Purbeck School, Felix has only ever sailed dinghies, so racing aboard ‘Amelie Rose’ was a challenging introduction to gaff rig! We look forward to seeing him on the water again.

However, the award goes this year to Sheila Lyons, NIOGA, who managed to produce an excellent report on the inaugural Youth Fund event in Northern Ireland with superb photographs to catch the very tight copy deadline of the July issue of Gaffers Log (July 2016 p.36). Her report illustrates how much goes into organising an OGA Youth Fund event and the number of people who contribute to a successful outcome. Six youngsters enjoyed an excellent day aboard ‘Vilma’ and Sheila is thinking about how to make this event even better in 2017.

Not awarded in 2015 or 2016.

2014 winner, Matthew Wood, North Wales Area and Trailer Section

When the new Log Editor, Beverley Daley-Yates, found the Janty Cup had not been awarded since 2009, she was determined to get some ‘young gaffers’ writing, and is glad to report on receiving articles by and about ‘young gaffers’ in all four 2014 Logs.

Read the winning article by downloading as a PDF here.

Sisters Alice and Aimee Erb and teenager Fyn Mitchell submitted engaging and interesting accounts of their sailing experiences around Britain and at YOGAFF. Bethan Head contributed to the Bristol Channel Area Report and Shauna Foley shared her impressions of sailing a gaffer for the first time in Dublin Bay. After reviewing all the eligible contributions, the article that takes the award for 2014 was about cruising and racing mainly on Ullswater by North Wales Area and Trailer Section member, Matthew Wood. He finishes off his tale with winning the Orange Tree Cup and states his aspiration to ‘own a big gaffer’ when he’s older and sail around the world. Good luck, Matthew!

Beverley Daley-Yates presents the award to Matthew Wood
Photo credit: Steve Yates

2009 winner: Hannah Goram, North Wales Area and Trailer Section

Hannah's winning article was first published in the Gaffers Log, September 2009. It is available here for browsing online.

Nomination statement

Hannah Goram is aged 10, and her father Malcolm confirms to me that she did not want him to make any alterations to the article. It was therefore written in her own words. Her article also contained three photographs and is a credit to someone of her age. I am sure with her charming and persuasive character she is a very up and coming member of the OGA and well deserves the trophy.