Tales of Sail Award

To celebrate 2018, our Anniversary Year, and to recognise the increase in high quality articles submitted to Gaffers Log, often complemented by online content, an additional ‘Gaffers Log’ award was presented in January 2019. This new trophy, ‘Tales of Sail’, was presented by Beverley Daley-Yates, OGA Editor, designed and produced by Steve Daley-Yates. ‘Tales of Sail’ is awarded for a contribution to Gaffers Log with direct complementary, extended content online eg blogs, OGA (or other) website, YouTube (or other) video channel, OGA Facebook group(s), OGA Boat Register, etc. [this list will grow as use of the Internet increases/develops].

Winner, 2018: Alasdair Simpson, North West Area

There were several contributions in the shortlist, but one stands out above the others for the attention to detail and range of work undertaken to provide illustrated articles for Gaffers Log, an OGA website ‘feature’ and several boats in the online Boat Register. 'Crossfields of Arnside' articles appeared in Gaffers Log July 2018, p.12 and November, p.22.

The winning NW member has undertaken a considerable amount of research into local boatbuilders Crossfields of Arnside. This has resulted in the opening up of several previously unpublished records in the online Boat Register complemented by a series of articles in Gaffers Log and a ‘feature’ published on the OGA website. This approach to publishing illustrates the value in complementing printed articles with online publishing, in this case, the OGA Boat Register.