The OGA has as its mission 'to encourage interest in gaff, lug and spritsail rigs' so we fully understand the importance of getting a new generation of enthusiasts on the water sailing with traditional rig.

In the 50th Anniversary year of the OGA, 2013, there was a strong sense of wishing to create a long-lasting legacy: to share what we have and to pass on to youngsters the enjoyment and challenges that sailing gaffers can offer.

The Youth Fund was set up and each year grants are made from that fund, according to a strict set of criteria. Reports of the results are publicised as widely as possible.

The purpose of the Youth Fund is to introduce young people to gaff rig sailing whilst improving and extending the profile of the OGA beyond our current membership by increasing awareness of the OGA’s aims, activities and values. 

Youth is defined as young people aged between 16 and 25. Funding will only be provided to support group sailing activities/projects, not individuals or equipment.

Photo credit: Beverley Yates
'Juanita' joins the East Coast August Cruise, 2017, with brother and sister skipper and helm, both under 25