OGA Youth Fund FAQs

What is the Youth Fund? 

The Fund was set up in 2013, our 50th Anniversary year, as a legacy for the future to support youth involvement in gaff rig sailing and traditional maritime skills. The objectives of the Fund are to introduce young people to gaff rig sailing whilst improving and extending the profile of the OGA beyond our current membership by increasing awareness of the OGA’s aims, activities and values.

Who does the Fund benefit?

Worthwhile projects that bring young people and gaff rig boats together can benefit from a financial grant of up to £500. Youth is defined as young people aged between 16 and 25. Funding will also be considered for youngsters under the age of 16 providing they are accompanied by a supervising adult from their parent organisation eg school or Sea Cadets.

Where does the money come from?

In 2013 an initial grant was made to the Fund. Since then the larger Areas have made contributions to the Fund annually. Some Areas are successful in raising money by asking members for a donation to the Youth Fund when they enter for an event; others organise specific local fundraising for their event. The OGA55 event in Cowes will also provide an opportunity to raise money for the Youth Fund.

How do we apply for a Grant?

Applications for grants to support youth events are made youthfund [at] oga [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: OGA%20Youth%20Fund) (by email to Patrick Vyvyan-Robinson) through Area Committees. Full details of the event should be included. These applications will be considered by the General Management Committee when they meet in February, May and October.

What makes for a successful application?

The GMC must be satisfied that a youth event will be run in accordance with the principles of the OGA’s Safeguarding Children Policy and comply with the OGA’s Youth Events Guidelines. In applying for a grant, the Area concerned makes a commitment to write a report on the event with photographs and feedback from participants. The report must include details of what was achieved in the way of benefits to the individual participants (e.g. skills, personal development, team and confidence building), and to the OGA as an organisation (eg positive PR, local media coverage, merchandise sales, donations to the Youth Fund). Areas are expected to raise funds locally wherever possible to match the grant requested from the Youth Fund.

How can we make the most of Youth events for the greater good of the OGA?

Youth events provide the OGA with an excellent platform to showcase the OGA beyond our membership, not only to the youngsters participating, but also to parents, teachers, supervisors, partnership organisations and skippers and crew of vessels used during the event. Every attempt should be made by event organisers to promote the OGA and what we are all about.

Where can I get more Information on the Youth Fund?

By the end of March, 2018 content on the OGA website, and all documents relating to the Youth Fund (available online), will be updated and amended to reflect what has been agreed at the ACM and AGM in January 2017.

OGA Photography Competition prizewinner, 2017: Jono Bradfield
Lisa at the helm of 'Valerie' going to windward nicely on a quiet Solent