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Read about our popular annual Solent event at Yarmouth this year

Many OGA members keep blogs and other online records of their restoration projects, racing and cruising activites. We list them here for others to share. If you have a blog or online tale to share, contact the Editor.
The OGA Editor frequently receives book reviews for titles which may be of interest to Members. We publish the most recent ones here. Why not send a review of your favourite read to the Editor?

The 2019 OGA Photo Competition is open for entries from June, 2019. Whether you snap those special moments on a phone or take longer to plan the shot with a camera, make sure you enter the competition this year!

Put the date for the OGA AGM 2020 in your diary now and come to enjoy a weekend in Bristol, hosted jointly by the Bristol Channel and South West OGA Areas.

'Sailing by' continues to carry stories linked with OGA Cruises in Company. It carries updates from OGA fleets cruising in SW England, France, the Netherlands and Scotland along with associated 'tales of sail' including archive video, photos and related nautical writings.

Scotland President, Gordon Garman and Dave Hart, the new Trailer Section representative in Scotland, are keen to invite gaffers to trail their boats to SW Scotland in August, 2019. Read on for full details of this exciting new event for the OGA calendar!

OGA members are warmly invited, once again, to the Annual Swale Match, open to all those with traditional vessels. Entry forms and other information is available here now. Why not join us for this lively event over the weekend 9 - 11 August, 2019?

Read about Joanna Tall's journey to Yarmouth in time for Regatta this year

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    Editor's update: 15 June 2019

    Where's the summer gone? Your Editor is compiling Gaffers Log with reports from Morbihan and Oostende voor Anker, the Yarmouth Gaffers Regatta and many other interesting contributions. Members will find it on their doormat at the end of the month. Despite the weather, there's been a good start to the season and plenty more to come around the coasts from the Bristol Channel and South West, a new small boat event in Scotland, cruising and racing on the East Coast, anniversary celebrations for the Dutch OGA with the Paimpol Festival taking us into August. Where will you be? Browse our Events listing and take your pick . . . We're always keen to welcome new members, so why not think of joining us this year?

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